AFCI – The College

AFCI provides students with university education, entrepreneurial thinking, theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The Institute

AFCI faculty resources with proven academic and corporate experiecne, invests its time and efforts in naturing and training each student individually throughout the program to inculate a culture of lifelong learning throughout their academic program along with sound work ethics and qualities which are
appreciated by the employers in the industry and by the academia alike.

Learning With The Best

Students at AFCI gets admission after getting screned if five tier process. They are hard working,
sincere learners and ambitious. AFCI recognizes the achivements of students in education and other
co-curricular activities at National level and they are award


Other than the highly qualified industrially experienced and committed full time faculty. Faculties are wroking in close co-operation Theoretical , Practical and Experimental learning in the basic disciplines of management as well as specialised skills.

Classroom Learning

This methodology is meant primarily for theoretical and conceptual knowledge is enhanced by combining “LECTURES” with group learning, use of case study method books and audio visual adds and projectors